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The U.S. Virgin Islands  

Flights are booked and the best music venues are showing love. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's island time. I know I could use a little beach sand, how about you.  Let's do this. Dates will be posted shortly.

I like morning walking better 

I started today on the elliptical. After walking near the river all last week, I felt that the elliptical, although better for my movement and joints, disappointed me emotionally as I worked out. I got off the elliptical and went to the river to walk.

 Losing weight is NOT and can NOT be my main focus yet because I simply haven’t done the work. Right now, my most important factor is to make exercise a habit.  In order to make it a habit, I need to do it daily, at the same time, 6 days a week. Weight loss can only be a by-product of adding exercise in my more structured healthy lifestyle.  I shall go as is and yet live as if!-#healthylifestyle #exercise #positivevibes #breaking300

Morning vs Evening Walking 

Yesterday, in the middle of my walk, I got a message about one of my projects that I jreally needed to take care of. Then, today, I got into a hardcore work mode and flat out couldn't get to it. I have decided that I need to take this work workmode on through the night because I it's go time for acoustic season. I say this to give you my personal opinion on walking in the evenings vs mornings. For me, it is better to work out first thing in the morning than wait til' the evening to get it done. There are more distractions "for me" in the evening than the morning. I also am looking forward to the "Elliptical" instead of the trail because it's a great education time for me. I can leaned about recording techniques, health topics, and motivational speeches. The elliptical is also easier on my knees and until I drop more weight, it should help keep the unnecessary pain issues to a minimum. See ya in the morning.

Walking and talking 

For the past 4 days, I have been walking on the river front in the mornings. I started it for one or two reasons but I am glad I am doing it for way more reasons. I have a to of thoughts in my head that I need to work out, so a good high pace walk gets my "thinking juices" going. I added another element to my walk by going live on Facebook while I walk. My eyes can't focus on the comments, but it feels good to get the ideas out into the open.

The Grainworks Show  

The Grainworks show was a lot of fun. There was a guy there, Dan, who was having his 40th bday party. The people that came to his party were a lot of fun. They were singing along to songs and then the little kids started dancing which was really cool to see, and a young lady came up to ask me if I knew ' Wagon Wheel". LOL I didn't have the iPad with the lyrics on it. Since I lost my vision, to where I can't read and play, I have actually stuck to songs I knew but also adding a ton of originals. The staff there is awesome, and I think there is another date coming soon. 

About the Podcast 

Yes, A podcast. I am so excited about this feature because between the "New" and my Podcast, I have a lot to say. I am sure you can imagine. I have an episode up and going already and I am sure there is gonna be another one by the end of the night. Topics are flowing like lyeics. Love it. 


The New Site 

This new site is awesome. I designed it on my plan ride home from the island. With all the social networks out there, I have started to get ovewhelmed on where topost what, how often, with or without photos, and it just got frustrating. Then you have all the fake profiles that show up and I didn't want to exluded anybody so I was adding them. This site, this place is perfect for me.I can post as often as I want, and guess what, NO NOTIFCATIONS lol. I might add it later but right now I think its cool. If you "want" to know whats going on, feel free to stop by. Cheers-KF

Working on it all!! 

Mostly getting ready for an awesome Summer. There are a few road trips planned and a few visitations planned as well. Lots of hardwork and LEARNING coming. I know it sounds crazy but netween doctors visits, I have to "learn" to function with low vision but still be effective. I sit very close to the computer screen a lot. The project I am working on is labor but I can't wait to share it with you. 

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