I’m growing up. Funny to say out loud because I was sure I was a grown up by now.  I haven’t even begun my first day yet. I have spent the last 3-5 years holding conversations with the guy in the mirror about what is “worth doing” with our time on Earth. Do we go for the crazy, the cruel maybe the courageous? Is it better to play it safe, let it ride or not play at all? In short, how can I  live “MY” best life? Well, this website is about to be a full contact artistic expression, of everything that is, "ABOUT" me. Prepare yourself for “How I See It” a little “Walking & Talking” “New Music” “New Genres????” “New Live Shows” and even some reboots of some favorites. My name is Kenny Floyd and I am so EXCITED about sharing my work with you. Cheers KF

Due to the Covid pandemic, I am unable to participate in any events at this time. Check back for more info. Stay safe and protect your loved ones.

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