Morning vs Evening Walking

Yesterday, in the middle of my walk, I got a message about one of my projects that I jreally needed to take care of. Then, today, I got into a hardcore work mode and flat out couldn't get to it. I have decided that I need to take this work workmode on through the night because I it's go time for acoustic season. I say this to give you my personal opinion on walking in the evenings vs mornings. For me, it is better to work out first thing in the morning than wait til' the evening to get it done. There are more distractions "for me" in the evening than the morning. I also am looking forward to the "Elliptical" instead of the trail because it's a great education time for me. I can leaned about recording techniques, health topics, and motivational speeches. The elliptical is also easier on my knees and until I drop more weight, it should help keep the unnecessary pain issues to a minimum. See ya in the morning.

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